Making sure that you get the best TV reception

Watching television is clearly still one of the most engaging activities that we do in our free time. Whilst the idea of the family crowded around the tv arguing about which of the 4 channels to watch has gone away there is still that sense of having “a show” that you all watch or that remains an event. Regardless of when you watch television you’ll need to have a decent aerial to get a good picture and sound. Having one fitted to a property is not as expensive or prohibitive as you might think and someone like the TV aerial installation Tewkesbury based company will be more than willing to come to you home and set one up for you.

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This reliance on the TV for entertainment hasn’t changed since the 1950s onwards. Although television had been around since the 1930s there was very little take up on getting a tv set until people wanted to see the funeral of King George the Sixth and the subsequent coronation of his daughter Queen Elizabeth the Second. They soon found that certain areas were better blessed than others when it came to getting a good picture from the reception available.

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Before digital, the analogue waves that were used to carry the transmission signal for the pictures were constantly being disrupted by inconvenient things like factories, trees and mountains. It would be about thirty years before the introduction of the digital world. This meant that aerials needed a bit of an addition to the mast.

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