Living and working in the quirky market town of Stroud in Gloucestershire

Found within the beautiful county of Gloucestershire and located just below the western escarpment of the magnificent Cotswold Hills is the quirky market town of Stroud.  The local population of just over 13,000 are passionate about the environment, their community, working together, using local craftsmen and women and eating fresh locally sourced produce.  One of the many local trades that is thriving in the town by keeping their prices competitive, taking pride in great service and listening to what their customers want is a company such as who specialise in providing quality Concrete Stroud. The narrow-cobbled streets of the town are steep and the cosy little homes that run along each one in compact rows are more than just houses to the local inhabitants.

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Using their modern precision mixing systems these elite specialists are providing a bespoke service for each of their local clients.  They mix their concrete on site and use the latest state-of-the-art vehicles to deliver it fresh to each specific location making sure each client has the optimum amount of time to use it for their individual building needs. By completing any orders in this way these experts are providing the families of Stroud with a clean, convenient and efficient way of obtaining their concrete supplies.

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The area around the town of Stroud has been classified as one of Natural Outstanding Beauty, so it’s no surprise that the proud locals want to stay in their cosy homes and make them as comfortable as possible.

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