Lighting options for your living room

Living room spaces are areas where families and friends spend time together enjoying their favourite television shows, playing a good board game or chatting about the events of the day and the world in general. It is, as the name suggests, the place where you will do most of your living. As this is going to be the most populated area in your home, by you and by others, then you need to have the perfect setting and part of this is connected to the lighting in the room. Saving energy is one of the most important elements to consider and Downlight Covers from can help by reducing the amount of heat lost to a room when one is installed in the ceiling gap.

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All rooms need a central lighting point to illuminate the room from the centre. This can be through a large overhanging unit or a series of pot lights and downlights that provide light throughout the room. This is not the only way that light can be placed into the living room.

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Wall mounted lights have grown in popularity, although this is one of the most obtrusive ways to light a room as they have to be fixed to the wall and this is difficult to wire in, especially if they are a new edition. For many, the humble lamp, either on a side table or a tall stand is also the best option to bring light into the living room.

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