Key Trends in the Domestic Glazing Market – Here’s What You Need to Know

The double-glazing industry is changing to supply the demands of today’s home-owners. Consumers like to decorate their homes in their own style and keep up with the latest trends, particularly in the need for more energy-efficient windows and rooms. So what are the key trends in today’s glazing market?

Key Trends in the Domestic Glazing Market

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Quality uPVC Products Remain Popular

High-end uPVC products such as flush sash windows and vertical sliders are becoming increasingly popular, according to a Window Industry report. Home-owners are moving away from white frames, with silver and dark grey frames being ordered more. Producers will need to provide a wide range of finishes to meet this change..

Conservatory Calling

Although there was a decline in the market for conservatories, it has picked up because of the fashion for ‘family room’ extensions. Palmer Market Research predicts the market for conservatories and orangeries will increase, with a forecast for 96,200 in 2019, which is 15 per cent up on 2014. It also forecasts bifold doors will become the favourite type of patio door. Another growing trend is for home-owners to install solid conservatory roofs to provide the natural light of a conservatory with the permanency of an extension, but without the cost.

Alternatives to uPVC

Consumers are keen to replace uPVC frames with materials such as wood and aluminium. The aluminium market is expanding quickly as a suitable frame for windows, doors and conservatories, as it looks good and also provides thermal benefits.

Glazing in New Homes Soars

The glazing market for new housing has increased by 23 per cent, with the demand for more detached houses providing a good market for window installations. As the demand for new homes continues, this should continue to be good news.

These trends are being played out throughout the country, so for replacement glazing in Leciester you can contact a company such as replacement glazing specialists in Leicester to find the best solution for your home.

With the extended life of these new products, niche markets and meeting changing trends could be the way forward in the glazing sector. Owners are still willing to invest in their homes. Expect to see increased interest in bifold doors with people trying to make the most of indoor-outdoor living, as home-owners want to open up their gardens with large, glazed areas.

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