Keep your workplace free of pests

Hiring a commercial cleaning company can be a cost-effective investment for businesses. Any areas containing contaminated water, spilled leftovers, unclean surfaces, dusty desks, sticky computer keyboards and toilets can lead to pest attacks.

A cleaning company will focus on areas to keep your office free of pests:


Open bins full of rubbish will attract pests by providing an abundant food source. This is why a commercial cleaning company emphasizes emptying the bins every day. They use cleaning agents and chemicals to thoroughly clean the area around the garbage can, which reduces the risk of pest infestation. If you do have problems, contact Pest Control Chelmsford at a site like St George’s, a leading Pest Control Chelmsford company.

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Food spills

A covered bin is not enough to keep the pests at bay when there may be other areas where food is consumed. If your employees eat their lunch at their desk or in the break room, pests may thrive on food spills, especially those containing sugar. Leftover food or liquid spills on the table must be cleared. You can hire a commercial cleaning company to do this for you.

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A damaged water source in the workplace also can encourage pests. The problem should be corrected as soon as it is identified, such as leaking taps, broken pipes or inadequate drainage. A commercial cleaning company cannot work on this issue, but they can identify and report signs and locations of moisture problems, so that potential issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

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