Is it time to change your commercial cleaning service provider?

Keeping an office clean creates a good first impression for visitors and a healthier environment for employees. For a first-class job, it pays to hire a professional cleaning company, as you will be getting skilled cleaners who are trustworthy and reliable; however, how do you know when it is time to let your cleaners go?

Is it time to change your commercial cleaning service provider

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Time for your cleaner to bite the dust

A clean environment can mean germs are less likely to be spread and your employees less likely to get sick. That is why it is important for your cleaners to pay particular attention to key communal areas such as kitchens and toilets, which should be spotless. If you see the microwave is grimy or the fridge is full of out-of-date food, it may be time to ditch the cleaning contractor.

An employer has a duty to make sure the office meets certain conditions, including keeping workplaces and furnishings clean. If your cleaning service is not up to scratch, it could be costly.

If you find your waste bins are always full, particularly in the kitchen or toilets, this needs addressing, as it could be a health hazard. Likewise, if you find staff are frequently running out of toilet paper, soap in the dispensers or paper towels, this is also a sign that the firm dealing with your commercial cleaning in Belfast is not doing a good job.

Someone in the office should check that the offices are clean; the toilets well stocked; the floors clean and dry; and that dust is not allowed to build up. Any such instances could indicate that it is time to look for a new cleaning company.

Is it time to change your commercial cleaning service provider2

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Hiring anew

You should not be spending time chasing up your cleaners to do their job properly. If you are looking to contract out your commercial cleaning in Belfast, a provider such as can advise on what needs to be done and the associated costs. Such a company will use professional equipment and products to keep your office clean.

When interviewing prospective service providers, it is best to let them know your exact expectations before drawing up the contract. You could also ask about additional services from time to time, such as steam cleaning. Obtaining testimonials from existing clients is also an effective way to see how a company operates.

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