In with the old (and new): adding a retro twist to a modern room

Never has retro styling been more in vogue. Modern rooms can be enlivened by the addition of elements that we all know and love, and a new twist on existing furniture elements can be gained simply by adding one or two retro-inspired pieces. Here we outline some ideas for adding retro glamour to your existing living space.

In with the old

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1) Eames chairs

These are a design classic and are back in fashion thanks to a major retrospective exhibition. Clean lined and easy to maintain, they suit the decor of most homes. You would be hard-pressed to find an easier way to make a style statement so quickly and cost effectively.

2) Juhl sofas

Own your own piece of Danish cultural history with a piece influenced largely by ‘free art’. As comfortable as it is stylish, you can style your sofa to match a variety of colour schemes.

3) Arne Jacobsen egg chair

It is hard to find a piece that qualifies more as a ‘masterpiece’, and who wouldn’t want to curl up in its cocoon-like shape? Imagine yourself hiding away with a book as its sophisticated presence enlivens your room. If you don’t know where to source one, take a look at a specialist such as Pash Living for lots of retro-inspired pieces.

4) G Plan sideboard

Something of a ‘marmite’ item, you might love or hate this sideboard but you can’t deny that it adds style to a space. Another piece originating from Scandinavian design, keep a look out for the Gomme range, which is especially sought-after.

5) 700 series telephones

Experiencing a recent resurgence, these phones add a retro element to any room for a minimal outlay and can be an ideal solution for style-seekers on a budget. Look for examples that haven’t faded and make sure the wiring is functioning, then place it on your G-Plan sideboard for a winning combination.

Retro furniture and home items have come in and out of fashion, but it is still possible to pick up bargains despite the recent resurgence. Watch your local selling sites and major auction sites and make sure you review the collections available from major design retailers. In no time your home could be a style-sensation retro haven − and who wouldn’t want that?

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