How to Turn Your Mobile Phone into a Home Security System

Many people are opting for a home security system. As technology evolves, relying solely on an alarm and locks on the windows and doors seems inefficient. Upgrading to a wireless CCTV system in your home can be costly as there are many pieces of equipment to pay for including the cameras and storage. What if there was an excellent solution lying in your kitchen drawer?

How to Turn Your Mobile Phone into a Home Security System

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Everyone has old mobile phones lying around. If the phone still operates and has a functioning camera on the back of it, you can turn it into a home security system.

How to Convert Your Phone into a Security Camera

Providing your phone works, all you need to do is download an appropriate security camera app. These apps will largely do the same thing; recording and storing footage while using motion detection. The apps can be used on a cloud or from your own storage.

Alerts can be set up to inform you of any activity. Some apps will sound an alarm when activated to scare away any intruders. Footage has been used to prosecute intruders.

Choosing the Right App

This will depend on whether you are using android or an iPhone. Choose an app that offers the right options for you. Check whether there is a cloud service available if storage is a problem. You can generally view a live stream from the website of the app provider, but please be aware of internet security such as endpoint security management when installing new apps. Use a company such as to make sure your home network is fully protected.

How to Turn Your Mobile Phone into a Home Security System2

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Setting up Your Camera

You need to choose the perfect spot in your home to set your camera up, ideally with a view of the point of entry. If you keep valuables in a certain place or have concerns about a particularly vulnerable area of your home, place the camera there. If you have more than one old phone you can set up several cameras.

Make sure that the camera is stable. A tripod can be a worthwhile investment or use a mobile phone suction holder. Try to make the camera look inconspicuous. You can upgrade the lens on your camera phone to get a wider view. Keep the phone plugged in as streaming will drain the battery.

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