How to simply and reasonably, decorate and furnish your first home together

With the financial economy being in such a difficult position, the price of energy bills skyrocketing, mortgages increasing and rental properties especially difficult to secure, once you have found your first home together and moved in, the next exciting stage is the painting, decorating and furnishing. Try to buy flooring that will last you for many years to come but that won’t take another mortgage to purchase!  One of the most hardwearing options is Laminate Wood Flooring, not only is it a more reasonable option, but it is also incredibly tough and will still look good after your future children and pets have lived in the home for several years.

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Choose neutral colours and compromise on paints and accessories that can be replaced easily to freshen up the look of any room. By using a selection of cheaper, colourful cushions, rugs and throws you can coordinate your flooring and furnishings to get a more individual and stylish look for your home without spending a fortune.

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Being a Hardworking and busy, young couple, you need the flooring to be easy to clean and practical, so again that’s where Laminate wood flooring comes into its own.  A regular sweep with a soft brush and an occasional clean with a damp mop will keep your flooring choice looking as good as new.  When you do decide to start a family and bring the babies home this type of flooring is hygienic and simple to clean.

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