How to improve memory: 3 simple memorization techniques

“We are not only brained in a box”. Many of us think that having a good memory is a feature outside of our control. But the good memory is a skill and learn how to improve memory can help you become a more creative and innovative leader.

The first step is to change the way that you have to think about your memory.

Your memory is not designed to remember names, find the keys that you have lost or store each password you’ll create. Your memory is designed to work in a context. For example, if you try to make a list of every plant that you can remember, be able to make a much longer list if you imagine walking in the direction of a greengrocer.

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“The one that the memory is really needed is to inform you about what you can expect in the world and how to solve these problems,” says Art Markman, a cognitive psychologist author of Smart Thinking (published by Perigee Trade, 2012). Ideally, you want to have a memory full of useful information that will help solve the problems of your business difficult.

To store memories that will make a better creative thinker try to follow these 3 memory techniques:

1. Engage your body and your mind

If you want to remind you of the new ideas you will have to listen and focus. First of all please, stop act in multitasking. “The human mind does not really multitask, but in sharing time. Will end up running back and forth from one activity to another, and this will bring you to have the ability to learn much less effective,” says Markman.

To improve your memory to a greater call also causes your body when you are listening. Sit rights to take notes, look up if you are tired, move your arms, up your hands and move a little. “Call the attention your entire body, we are not only brained in a box,” says Markman. This is one of the techniques of storing more simply adoptable.

2. Review the three most important points you want to remember

When you are learning new information (for example, reading a book or attending a meeting), the natural tendency is to be able to remember only three or four things. To decide what are the things you will remember, Markman recommends reviewing these concepts you consider the most important to remain with you. “Otherwise, you will leave the choice of these 3 points to the case,” says Markman.

When the information is fresh in your mind, the time needed to do a quick review will be only a few minutes. Try to repeat important concepts recording them with your smartphone, note on a piece of paper telling them or to a friend. “This helps to consolidate the three points in your memory,” says Markman.

3. Explain new concepts to yourself

For an entrepreneur, a rich memory is a powerful tool to combine disparate ideas to create new solutions. “To do this, you must understand how the world works,” says Markman. We acquire new knowledge – and we remember them – explaining the new concepts to ourselves or someone else.

When you hear a new idea to try to identify the points that are not clear and are working to resolve those doubts immediately ask yourself, how does it work? And because it works so… Go in search of new words that you do not know even if (especially if) are words that are familiar to the world of work. Clarify the concept of these words in a specific context or for that speaker. More concepts will be clear and more easily able to remember them.

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