How to freshen up your workplace with a spring clean

Spring cleaning is just as relevant to the workplace as to the home, if not more so. Decluttering the office or factory space can also help to declutter the mind. A tidy workspace has been said to increase productivity, and therefore profitability, so here are some ideas for freshening up your workplace with a spring clean.

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Start small

Start with your personal space. Is it free from clutter? Are all those pieces of paper really necessary? Go through the files, magazines and correspondence and get rid of what you don’t need. Organise the rest so that action is taken to move the paperwork from the in tray to the done pile. If you can see that 80 per cent of your workspace is clean and clutter-free, you can work at peak performance. The same principle applies to your computer. Make sure you can see most of the screen and it is not covered with files or notes. Delete what is unnecessary and put the rest of the files into the correct folders.

Reducing stress

If the workplace looks clean and smells fresh, it makes employees feel happier to be there and improves productivity. Get them involved in clearing their own personal workspace, as this will reduce stress levels. Once their space is organised, they can find what they need instantly. They are more productive – no more hunting for files – and the business is more profitable.

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Keep it clean

Make sure the walls and floors are scrubbed clean, which also reduces the dust and mites that can cause allergies. Deep cleaning the floors can really lift the look of the space, particularly if it gets a lot of foot traffic. You can find out about commercial carpet cleaning in Cheltenham from a specialist such as Once cleaned, they will look like new and be more hygienic. Don’t forget about cleaning the windows to let in lots of natural light.

Check the equipment

Give the equipment an overhaul. Make sure everything works as it should, from the office kettle to the printer. If not, fix it or replace it.

Once the workplace is looking clean, try to keep it this way. Every couple of months, do a quick check to make sure the environment still looks good and that clutter is not creeping back in.


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