How to create positive Feng shui in the bedroom

A bedroom that has good feng shui is one that organises its furniture and vibe to promote healthy and nourishing energy. It should be an inviting room, a room for tantalising the senses as well as promoting calm and serenity. Turn your bedroom into a fun but peaceful place of comfort and relaxation with these simple tips:

  1. Remove gym equipment and electrical devices

Positive energy is disrupted and destroyed when you feel your peaceful place with exercise equipment and electrical items. Negative things like high EMFs will be buzzing around your room, disrupting the harmonious flow, bringing with them the energy associated with work and other stressors.

  1. Clean Air

Regularly open your windows to let the fresh air circulate. If the air isn’t particularly clean around your home, purchase a high-quality air purifier to fill your space with fresh oxygen. Clean air is good for both your body and mind. If you choose to have plants in the bedroom, make sure they are positioned far from your bed. If you want to essential oils to promote a healing aroma, check they are essential and not simply fragrance oils which can be toxic.

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3.  Bed Position

Your bed should be easily approached from either side and if you have bed side tables, make sure you have one on each side and don’t have the bed directly in line with the door or facing full length mirrors. Good feng shui requires a quality mattress, natural fibre sheets and a strong headboard.

4.  Doors

The might think doors should be kept open to achieve a good energy flow, but all doors should be closed at night, including bathroom, cupboard and bedroom doors. The result of this is that the most nourishing energy remains with you, strengthening your health and relationships. It will be easier to achieve this tidy, calming feel with fitted wardrobes dorset. For a stunning range, visit The relationship between doors and windows is important and you’ll want to make sure energy is not escaping but staying in your room to nourish you.

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5.  Décor

Soothing, neutral colours are the best for achieving feng shui balance in the bedroom. It needs to be a colour that promotes restorative sleep. Skin colours are often considered the best for this, including anything ranging from pale white, creams, light greys to rich, chocolate brown. Use soothing colors to achieve a good feng shui balance in your bedroom.

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