How to Become Instagram Famous

If you are a keen Instagram user, you may notice that certain users are more popular than others; when it comes to Instagram, it is much easier to connect with likeminded users, for example, if you run an Instagram page for your dog, you will find that many other dog lovers will follow your account too. Many simply use Instagram to share pictures and engage with family and friends, but many others use Instagram as a platform to get themselves out there and become Instagram famous.

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Create an Account that Will get views 

If you want to create an Instagram account that is fame worthy, you will need to make a page that will gain views; if you want to become a food blogger, come up with a creative and catchy name that will gain viewer attention. There are even sites that can allow you to change the font on your profile name, and you could even add an emoji to make it stand out more. If you’re aiming to become a model, then you will need to get professional and eye-catching headshot photographs of yourself – you could even become a Social Media influencer. Want some Inspiration? Here are some top Instagram influencers you will want to follow.

Create Visually Appealing Content 

Photographs are a huge part of Instagram, so creating visually appealing content is a must; if you are a food influencer, then taking creative snapshots of your meals will really draw attention to your Instagram page. If you are a beauty blogger, then you could share daily photographs of your make up looks and beauty regimes – just make sure to have a ring light for your selfies. It’s important that you create a variety of content that is creative, and visually pleasing – this will really gain you more followers. 

Make the Captions Interesting 

When it comes to Instagram posts, users will be more focused on the picture, rather than the caption; if it’s a photograph that isn’t self-explanatory, then a descriptive Instagram caption will be useful. For daily pictures though, make sure to keep your captions short and sweet, and of course, don’t forget your hashtags underneath; if your post is long, and there is no space for hashtags, you can always post them as a first comment.


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Use those Hashtags

Hashtags work by categorising your posts to make them more relevant, and more likely to be seen by other users; if you are looking to become a Social Media influencer, you will need to keep yourself in the loop of popular and trending hashtags; these could be events that have happened or popular daily hashtags such as #Friyay or #ThrowbackThursday. Users who regularly view these hashtags will most likely see your posts, which will give you more exposure.

Gear up for the Insta – Famous lifestyle 

You may not be where you want to be with your Instagram account yet, but you will need to keep posting engaging content to keep your viewers interested. Many Social Media influencers will tend to relocate to big cities like London where there are more opportunities; if you are in the process of becoming Instagram famous, then you might need to seek the services of a Close Protection London based security company that can provide bodyguards to those who are ever concerned for their safety. If you need close protection in London to protect yourself from the dangers of the big city, then this could be a great place to start.

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