How can I find a good architect?

If you have a building project that you want to be completed stylishly and competently, then it’s important to find a good architect. A reliable architect will have an excellent track record and a dependable set of skills to deliver precisely what you require.

Do your preparation

As with many endeavours, finding a good architect will start with research. Google can be your friend here, as you can look up a range of architects working locally or even further afield and see what they have to offer. Check the reputation of the business they work with, and what qualifications they hold.

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In addition, some architects may offer a portfolio of completed works which you can browse through. These can be a great indication as to the architect’s style. You can also look at the finish of the projects to see if the architect supervises work to the standard that you require. You may require an architect who is creative, or one who can follow an exacting brief. Consider these aspects when you look at their track record.

You might also want to establish that the professional you’re considering is a chartered architect and whether they are registered with bodies such as the Architects Registration Board. You will also need to consider the services required. Will you need help with planning permission? Will you need an architect who can help with this, or do you have everything in that regard under control?

Developments in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is a dynamic and modern Thames-side area associated with leading investment and financial firms. It is also home to an exciting range of facilities and attractions. During lockdown, much of its commercial property was empty but the area’s renaissance is unstoppable now, according to this report in The Guardian.

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If you are looking for residential architects Canary Wharf, then it could be worth looking at the services offered by local specialists such as You will want to find a firm of residential architects in Canary Wharf that has demonstrable experience in working in this location.

The ultimate test for your short-listed architects may be to give them a brief and see what they come back to you with. If the architect engages in a way that resonates with you and their vision aligns with yours, then this architect may be the one to deliver your project.

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