Garden trends in 2017

Gardens are increasingly being used as an extension of the home. The trend for bi-fold doors that fold back against the wall to let the outside in typifies this. Now, many householders are seeking the next logical step in maximising their garden use. A key consideration for many is that the garden must remain low-maintenance.

Garden trends in 2017

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Long spells of warm weather increase the amount of time we spend in our gardens and also increase the desire to make more of them. Yet, even in winter, people spend an average of two and a half hours in their gardens every week. Here are some ideas for making the most of your own little patch of this green and pleasant land.

Children’s play equipment

Rising traffic levels make many of us think twice about letting our children out to play or go alone to the park. Consequently, many gardens have become a place for children to let off steam. Larger gardens can cope with larger structures, incorporating swings, slides and climbing frames. However, even the smallest garden can usually manage a sandpit, water tray and perhaps a swingball set. Trampolines remain popular, if not always so with the neighbours. Sinking them to ground level can result in a safer environment in which for children to play and less annoyance for the neighbours. Parents concerned to make their children’s trampoline as safe as possible may wish to consult the guidance from ROSPA.

Garden trends in 20172

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Summer houses, play houses and home offices

With inside space being at a premium in many homes, and moving costs often prohibitive, it is no surprise that many of us turn to our gardens to give us that much needed extra living space. With designs to suit every pocket and need, the main problem may be choosing one. However, whether you’re looking for summer houses in Northern Ireland, play houses in England or home offices in Wales, a professional supplier, such as, will be able to advise you on products that best fit your requirements.

Barbecues, fire pits and pizza ovens

Fire pits are increasingly common and, if one is well wrapped up, are as pleasant to use in the winter as in the summer. Pizza ovens are also starting to make an appearance. Finally, of course, the barbecue is not being neglected; it now comes in more, and bigger, designs than ever before.

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