Four Stunning Reclamation Finds

The interest in reclamation yards continues to grow as homeowners seek out ways to create innovative and unique living spaces. Mass-produced, high-fashion and disposable home accessories just won’t do it for individuals with a serious eye for history, style and classic quality.

Four Stunning Reclamation Finds
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For design lovers, salvage and reclamation yards also offer the lure of the hunt. Because every item is individual and stock regularly changes, you never quite know what you are going to find and by how much you’ll be able to negotiate the price down.

Finding the Real Gems

So what sort of things can you expect to find in a salvage or reclamation yard? You’ll be amazed. Often these places have everything from unique high-value antique pieces through to slightly quirky and offbeat accessories and furniture items that some will love.

Classic Items

Classic period finds tend to always the most popular and offer a superb chance to bring original features back into your period home. Some of the best finds you can hope to come across at places such as Wilsons Yards are:

Stained-Glass Windows

Whether Art Deco or original chapel-window stained glasses, these pieces tend to be highly individual and customised, meaning that you can own your own piece of antique glass which may be placed in a window or an interior door or can be adapted into a unique piece of art.

Railway Sleepers

Once a throwaway product, railway sleepers are now used for a variety of purposes and are always desirable for garden planters, benches, desks and more. The best sleepers are made from extremely strong wood that will last for hundreds of years if well looked after.

Tiffany Lamps and Other Originals

Sometimes in a reclamation yard you’ll find a design original in great shape, whether that’s a Tiffany lamp, an Eames chair or a beautiful Chesterfield. These are wonderful finds because they add real style credentials to your home and a sense of history.

Wooden Floors and Period Doors

Original flooring and period doors are always highly sought after, whether you are looking for parquet flooring in Ireland or Edwardian doors with original styling features to fit your period home. You’ll find plenty in the average salvage yard.

Which key items will you be hunting for next time you go to the reclamation yard for some home-interiors shopping?

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