Four reasons to buy property in Maidstone

There are many reasons someone may want to live in Maidstone. It is the largest town and the county town of Kent, just 30 miles from London. Maidstone’s attraction is about more than its size and location though. It has just the right combination of historic and modern properties, and urban and green space, to appeal to a wide range of buyers and investors.

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Period properties

People have been living in the area that is now Maidstone since the Stone Age or earlier. Its historic properties are not quite that old, but there are still a range of Georgian and Victorian houses, with their period features, throughout the town. Some of these buildings have features that you just cannot find in modern architecture. Find a local expert to help you identify the most historically valuable parts of Maidstone.

Modern development

If you do not want to splash out on an expensive period property, there are more modern developments in Maidstone that may be attractive to investors. These are the areas that have traditionally been ignored, and where you can buy relatively cheaply, but rapid progress and development could soon see house prices rising.

Investment opportunities

These up-and-coming areas are just part of the wider potential for investment when property buying in Maidstone. If you are buying to rent, then this town is an excellent choice. Not only does it have its own range of amenities, it also has close proximity and good transport links to London that make it invaluable for commuters.

Once you have found a property to your liking, conveyancing solicitors Maidstone, such as those at, can make enquiries and conduct investigations as they guide you through every step of the legal process. This ensures efficiency and reliability, leaving you free to concentrate on your wider plans.

Green spaces

Among the amenities that attract people to live in Maidstone are the parks and other green spaces. This is not one of those areas where everything is built up until nature is completely excluded. Mote Park is a particularly well-known and appreciated green space in Maidstone, with the prices to match, but smaller and less publicised patches offer similar benefits, without the cost. They could be another investment opportunity.

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You may want to buy a property in Maidstone because you want to live there and enjoy its features and amenities, from the period properties to the green spaces. You may choose it because of the convenience if you need to travel regularly to London. Maybe you are an investor, looking to capitalise on one of Maidstone’s growing areas of development. Whatever your purpose, there are multiple reasons that Maidstone is a worthy location to consider.

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