Four ideas for maximising New Year’s Eve pub revenues

Here are some ideas for making the most of the most profitable night of the year for the licensed trade.
New Years Eve pub revenues

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Get your tickets!

Charging an entry fee for your venue is not unusual on New Year’s Eve, although it can put some people off, particularly regulars. Including some added extras, such as a glass of bubbly and some entertainment, is a good way to stop people feeling that they are being ripped off. Ticketing can also help with crowd control, and you’ll know exactly how many guests to expect, making stock ordering and staffing more effective without overspending.

Food, glorious food!

Having a set menu and asking guests to pre-order their food will take the heat off your kitchen, ensuring an easy, more profitable service with minimal wastage. Having plenty to eat also tends to increase those drink sales. Don’t forget to check for special offers with your suppliers, especially your draught soft drink supplier, as there will likely be more than a few customers staying off the booze that night and into the new year, especially with Cancer Research’s Dryathlon just around the corner.

Don’t forget Des!

The most important thing on New Year’s Eve is responsible drinking and making sure that people get home safely, so taking care of those designated drivers is key; after all, you could find yourself with no customers at all without them, especially for businesses in rural locations where taxis are not as easy to come by at 3:00 am. With the right draught soft drink supplier, you can be sure to meet everyone’s needs. Companies such as provide far more than “just another lemonade”. Don’t forget to jazz it up a bit; surely Des deserves ice and a slice and possibly a free refill.

Here we are now, entertain us!

The cost of a band can be worked into your ticket price so that you don’t find yourself out of pocket. It’s also a great way to draw a crowd and guarantee ticket sales. A band with a local following might well be cheaper than a group from out of town, and chances are they’ll bring their own fan base. This will bring instant new customers who could well return in the new year if they enjoy themselves.

Happy New Year!

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