Five great tips for public speakers

Public speaking isn’t always easy, nor does it come naturally to everyone. However, with these top tips, you can master the art and deliver a powerful speech time after time.

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1. Identify your goal

Before you start writing up your presentation, take some time to determine what your goal is. By eliminating everything but the information that pertains to your goal, you’ll be able to write a speech that’s to the point and that captures your audience’s attention and engages them. If you have a clear goal, those who are listening to you will easily be able to identify the objective and work towards it.

2. Become a storyteller

The best kind of motivational speaker takes listeners on a journey. Instead of simply talking about facts and figures, weaving the information into a relatable or engaging story helps grab attention and is memorable too. You can create parallels for what you are talking about with true-life experiences, and by creating a personal connection, you become far more relatable, as does your subject matter.

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3. Incorporate graphics

Whether you are giving a motivational talk about conquering your goals (, or talking to employees about reaching targets, incorporating images can help make your speech so much impactful. You can also use slides to summarise ideas, and to provide a visual representation of what you are talking about.

4. Connect with your audience

One of the best tips for speakers is to build a connection with the audience. This can be done by being knowledgeable on the topic you are speaking on, by being logical, and by creating an emotional response. These 3 factors go a long way to connecting with those you are speaking to.

5. Be prepared

Public speaking at any level takes practice, and the more you practice, the better you’ll become. The key to delivering a good speech is being prepared, and if you take the time to research and rehearse your speech, you’ll feel far more confident too, and this will show. If you are nervous, you can always ask one of your peers or co-workers if you can present your talk to them first, and then take on board any feedback that they offer and work with it. This way, you’ll have an honest opinion to shape your presentation to its maximum potential.


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