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In the UK, workers spend a large proportion of their day at work, but the work you do doesn’t have to become boring and dull. As we seem destined to be stuck in the office between 9-5, then let us find a way to reinvigorate ourselves and our staff. Several studies have shown that a little fun and laughter in the workplace can improve the level of productivity of the staff! So, let us lighten the mood, loosen things up and bring some fun back into office. Here are some ideas on how to do it:

Introducing themed day

We all know about casual Friday, but surely we can do better than that? Why not finish a busy week with a fun theme to improve morale and get everyone in the mood for the weekend? If you are stuck for ideas, hold a ballot and let the staff decide. Do not forget to include some basic rules about what is still regarded as the appropriate clothing for the workplace. Some examples include Superhero Day, come to work in your pajamas or 70s theme. Maybe you could tie it with any sector of your business.

Get some fresh decor

An easy way of spicing things up a bit is to decorate your office. This can include bright wallpaper, inspirational or funny posters or give the walls a fresh coat of paint in bright colours. Get your team involved as a great way to engage everyone. Allowing staff to decorate their own personal space can improve morale. Just remember to stay within the business brand.

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Introduce fun furniture

Office furniture does not have to be bland and grey. Although you cannot do much about the individual ergonomic desk chair, why not consider introducing some fun furniture in the rest area and kitchen for example? Or why not focus on treating staff with plush new chairs? For Gloucester Office Furniture, visit https://www.severnfurnishing.co.uk

Introduce an extended lunch break

If you are interested in establishing a better relationship between the members of your team, then try to introduce time for an extended lunch once a month, allowing all team members to eat together. Try not to use it as an excuse for a team meeting or to talk shop, but maybe catch a matinee, visit a favourite restaurant or go bowling, for example.

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Play is not just for kids. When we get older, we forget how to play, but it is actually really beneficial for you both physically and mentally. Try incorporating some play time to your workplace every day. It can be as simple as bringing some foam balls, Nerf guns or game boards in for lunch. Playing together can help foster a better working relationship, helping employees feel more energetic and stop this culture of clock-watching and boredom. Organizing events with the team again is another way to introduce an element of fun and play back to work experience.


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