Dressmaking essentials for beginners

Do you want to start making dresses? This is one of the most rewarding hobbies around and means you can make dresses that exactly match your shape, height and tastes. If you are thinking about starting dressmaking, check out these essential tips for beginners.

Dressmaking essentials for beginners

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Buy a good sewing machine

The first thing you will need is a good sewing machine. Look out for features such as different presser feet for specialist dressmaking techniques and automatic needle threaders for saving precious time. Luckily, the huge rise in the interest in home sewing and dressmaking has seen some welcome price competition.

Quality pins

Yes, there really is a vast difference between good- and bad-quality pins; for example, good ones do not bend easily or melt. If you want to make things interesting, consider buying some extra special pins with different coloured glass heads or ones with patterned flat heads that you can iron over.

Dressmaking essentials for beginners2

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Start your fabric stash now

Every dressmaker worth their salt has an excellent stash of dress making fabrics, meaning you always have the fabric you want when you come to need it. If you see some material you love but have no use for at the time, buy it now – dress making fabrics disappear from the shops and you may never see it again! Check out online suppliers such as http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/dressmaking-fabrics-14-c.asp for stunning fabrics that may not be available on the high street.

Buy a great technique book

Before you start collecting patterns, get a really good technique book – ideally one with great reviews on sewing websites. A comprehensive technique book will see you through years of rewarding dressmaking.

Storage box

A large and functional storage box is a must for any new dressmakers. This is where you can store a variety of coloured zips, ribbons and essential tools, such as rotary cutters and seam rippers.

Patterns book

Collect patterns in the same way you might collect and collate recipes, rather than restricting yourself to one book. Those who prefer vintage patterns should look in charity shops, whilst the internet is a great source for modern patterns.

With these essential tips, you are now ready to start making dresses for yourself or perhaps for your children. You never know, you may even get good enough to sell them and boost your income!

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