Don’t cut the cleaning

Businesses currently operating in the tough economic climate will be thinking of where savings can be made and areas that can be cut back on. Don’t be tempted to think you can manage without a regular office cleaner. Let’s take a look at why keeping your office clean and hygienic is so important.

An office is a physical manifestation of your business and so first impressions really do count. If this is where you invite clients for meetings or if you are customer facing, then you need to make a good impression. A clean and tidy office looks professional and will put clients at ease, knowing that your business can be taken seriously. It will also make you and your staff feel proud of where they work. If the bins haven’t been emptied and the vacuum hasn’t been put round, customers will assume that you can’t be bothered and don’t take pride in your work. For Commercial Cleaning Services Cardiff, visit

Don't cut the cleaning

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Imagine how many germs live on computer keyboards, door handles and telephones. You don’t want your staff becoming ill and taking time off work and it is far cheaper to regularly invest in proper cleaning.  It is also important to remember that workplaces are legally required to provide an hygienic and safe working environment.

Thinking about the health of your staff is another factor that should be considered when making a decision about office cleaning. This is the area in which staff will spend hours of their working life and the majority of administrative tasks take place here so it is wide to keep it clean and the staff happy. A dirty office space will not look very attractive to potential new recruits arriving for interview either. If you’re recruiting for key skills then you need to remain competitive in the market and small things like cleaning can have a lasting impression.

If cleanliness problems are left unattended then they will only get bigger and the worst case scenario would be for an employee to become ill and raise a grievance which could end up in the business paying out large sums of money. Surely investing in a good, reputable and trusted cleaning firm will save you potential hassle in the long run. The legal implications are very important and you employ any women who are currently pregnant then you must make sure their health is considered as there are health and safety measures in place to protect them.

A clean and tidy office will inspire pride and if employees feel proud of their workspace then this will be reflected in their whole attitude to work. A more positive outlook can only reap benefits and employees will feel that they are valued and are likely to be much more productive. An office that isn’t cared for gives off the impression that the business doesn’t care either, about its staff or its customers.

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