Does the current Mobile Marketing have the days counted?

Among the different meanings of the SAR, we can find one that indicates that a visionary is a person capable of anticipating a fair vision of the future. People who with a gift (divine or human) throughout history have been able to predict, as Promoteo, what would be the becoming of the facts, and that by possessing this ability they have been promoted to altars or pyres.

Mark Weisser proved to be one of those visionaries when in 1988 he anticipated the future of what our cities would be and our daily lives in them. Although, with a well-deserved prestige in the field of ICT, Weisser has not had sufficient recognition in the field of business and marketing. His vision that in the future people would live in intelligent environments with which they would communicate naturally, thanks to the invisibility of computers, the integration of sensors into objects and the use of mobile technologies, will trigger a marketing revolution, Communication and advertising.

Does the current Mobile Marketing have the days countedDoes the current Mobile Marketing have the days counted?

As we know it today, most likely. Although in recent years the investment of companies in mobile marketing has experienced steady growth, and today is the medium of advertising with better return, the innate problems of this advertising technique will lead to it needs to be revised.

There are many studies that show that the invasive nature of mobile marketing, “infesting” advertising social networks, games and mobile applications, unsolicited, and often unwanted, annoys the user, creating a negative effect, as opposed to With the purpose of capturing and satisfying the client.

Knowing these problems, new trends in mobile marketing based on Advergaming, aims to offer a new model of advertising capturing the consumer and eliminating their disaffection to advertising through games or recreational activities, taking advantage of the basic concepts of engagement and commitment Customer with the brand. Although with these marketing trends it is the consumer who reaches the product voluntarily, its effect is still to be determined in view of the target audience to which it is directed.

The ubiquitous marketing

Campaigns, following the one to one marketing philosophy, should address the consumer as a unique and different entity, in a personalized way, without intrusion and offering what the consumer requires, says Irene Luque, a founding partner of FiveWapps. Information spam, offers, promotions, new products, etc., in an invasive and general way, taking advantage of the mobile technologies that are suffering the consumers is a mistaken practice. If we want to get a client and get a prosumer, we must inform him about what he wants to be informed, even if he does not know it yet, and the new technologies allow us to know the needs of the consumer even before him, points out Irene Luque.

This new company has the vision that the ubiquity and mobility of the information is already natural for the consumer, that is why its products are focused on the effective marketing, considering the individual consumer as the target of the marketing strategy, instead of Target marketing to groups or segments.

Anytime and anywhere

The keys to marketing the future are in the slogan of the company Anywhere and anytime, which define the “W” of the company name and its different products (WingPosts, WingBonus and WingTrapper).

Combining e-vouchers, advergaming and an innovative ubiquitous communication system in a total marketing ecosystem, FiveWapps takes a first step in marketing for years to come.

WingPosts users can locate any type of content anywhere in the world, and I have said well, anywhere in the world, and these contents are transmitted in a natural and non-invasive way to the right consumer or recipient.

From a simple word advertisement, to an offer, new product or service information, to the distribution of an electronic coupon, or reward on a loyalty card for consumer activity, any marketing action can be conveniently located Close to the consumer, being the consumer himself who decides how and when he wants to receive it.

It is nothing new, the idea was formulated many years ago by Mark Weisser and Seth Godin, which is a very innovative vision that will rethink marketing strategies to many companies.

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