Digital marketers must know these website stats

As platforms and algorithms are consistently evolving, success in the digital age requires businesses to consistently refine their tactics to secure meaningful growth. As developing successful digital strategies relies in part on accurate analysis of key metrics to understand how consumer decisions affect business growth, here are some need-to-know website statistics. Don’t think that you need it? Every business does, no matter what you do even Concrete Cheltenham based company like Monstermix recognise the importance of it.

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Mobile e-commerce will account for more than 50% of all online sales by 2021

With increasing numbers of consumers spending more time browsing on mobile devices, it should come as no surprise to learn that the sphere of mobile e-commerce is something businesses should be paying more attention to. At the very least businesses should have a mobile-optimised website that is responsive to a range of screen sizes, has intuitive navigation and delivers an efficient checkout process.

38% of consumers won’t interact with websites with unattractive layouts

If your website takes too long to load, you will immediately lose 39% of your potential customers. Adobe’s State of Content Report also highlights that if your images fail to load properly, you will likely lose a further 39%.

Look for a team with technical SEO experience, to ensure that your digital presence provides your audience with an enjoyable and valuable experience.

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Above-the-fold calls to action (CTAs) are 220% less effective at generating leads than long landing pages

There is now no need to attempt to place every important piece of information above the fold. Modern consumers actually prefer dedicated landing pages which clearly outline information they want access to. Specific tactics, initiatives and campaigns should ideally have their own dedicated landing page because they can easily be promoted in newsletters and across social media without negatively affecting your homepage.

Colour can boost brand recognition by 80%

As humans respond to visual clues and prompts, ensuring that your brand’s colour palette is present across your marketing materials will improve your brand memorability and evoke potentially powerful emotions within your audience.

Increase your revenue by 23% by presenting your brand consistently across multiple platforms

There is more to successful branding than logos and colour palettes, so everything from your website to your product packaging should present a seamless image that reflects your core values and ethos.

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