Designing and building your own metal sculpture or work of art.

Have you ever wanted to design and create your own metal sculpture or work of art?  If you are lucky enough to have your own natural artistic ability to accomplish this type of project, then here are some ideas on how to complete your sculpture.  Firstly, the design, simple drawings and sketches on paper are the best way to begin. You can always add in more detail once you are happy with the basic outline. Drawing something you know and enjoy looking at, an animal perhaps, plants or trees, a person or people, a bench or maybe something much more abstract is your style?  Creating something comes from inside your soul and is very personal and unique.  When you have finished working, the end product will be part of you and there will be no other piece of art like it.

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Whatever it is you want to create, having all the right equipment is essential, no matter how big or small your project you will still require the right tools for the job. When you are working with metal having access to any Euromac Bending Machines from a company such as is vital. Being able to mould and bend pieces or metal without damaging your precious creation takes skill and expertise that not even the most talented of artists always has, so having the specific machinery to help is not only practical but sensible.

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Once all your drawings are completed and you have access to all the tools you will need, acquiring all the metal for your artwork can proceed.  You can make enquiries with building companies and scrap metal dealers to see if you can purchase the amount of metal you will need at a reasonable price. Once you have your required metal your long-awaited masterpiece can begin, take photographs as you start and record your progress every step of the way.  Don’t rush your sculpture, take your time and enjoy the creative process.  This is what being an artist is really all about, the creation of something special and very personal.  Almost like giving birth to a child, creating an intricate sculpture from metal takes time and a certain amount of pain.  There will be times when you wonder if you will ever achieve your dream but persevere, be patient and kind to yourself and eventually your artwork will materialise.

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