Dealing with Tree Root Damage to Drains

We like to have trees around our home, however, something that you must be aware of when you have nearby trees is the risk that they can pose to your drains. One of the biggest causes of drainage problems in the UK is tree root damage, something that can go unnoticed for a while as it happens silently under the ground.

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Tree roots are always on the lookout for water. For the tree to grow, the roots bury deeper and deeper into the earth seeking out sources of water. Drains of course contain water and if a root of a tree finds a drain this is where the problems can start to arise. Once a tree root enters a drain, it will cause damage to the pipe and more and more strong roots start to enter it, causing larger and more damaging effects.

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During a hot dry summer like the one we have just had, this can be a more likely event, as trees seek more water than a parched ground can offer them. It is always a good idea at this time of the year to keep a check on drains that are near to trees – a company like this drain lining Gloucester based company will be able to do this for you, as they have the specialist equipment that allows them to look closely at the pipes underground and see what is going on down there.

If they find that tree roots have entered the drains, firstly they will want to look at what damage has already been caused. If there is little damage, it may be possible to simply remove the roots and make repairs to the pipe that has been affected. If there has been a lot of damage however, it may require the area to be excavated fully, the roots dug up and the drain to be completely replaced in that area.

Most homeowners are covered for this on their insurance; however, you should make sure that you are as not every home insurance company automatically covers this. It is well worth doing as this can be a very expensive problem to put right if it should happen to you.

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