Considerations When Looking for a New Delivery Partner

Having a courier company you can rely on that offer a quick efficient and professional service is essential for any business. Bad service can affect your company’s reputation and ultimately the success of your business.

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When looking for a new courier company, it is worth considering the following.

Contact Manager

Having a named contact you can build a successful business relationship with will mean that the courier company’s staff get to know your business. This includes knowing who your regular clients are, what specific requirements you may have and what type of service you require most.


A company with a reliable automatic order and delivery acknowledgement system is really worth considering, as this means you have a record of each job and know as soon as an item has been delivered. An electronic Proof Of Delivery (POD) will also mean you can answer any queries from your clients as soon as possible and ensure that your parcel is not left behind a reception desk with no one knowing it’s there. Instead, it will be handed directly to a staff member or named recipient.

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A courier company that offers suitable packaging and protection for fragile or valuable goods may be essential for certain types of business, such as a jewellery or glass company. Similarly, businesses dealing in furniture may require specific van sizes and couriers who are able to manage heavy items and have appropriate insurance for this kind of job.


Things happen, and sometimes weather, traffic and road accidents can cause unforeseen delays. Ensuring your courier company informs you of any such problems means you can alert your clients immediately, and this will result in a much better understanding if deliveries are late. With more traffic on the roads than ever before, drivers are always looking for the fastest route, but this recent article in the Express newspaper shows avoiding a jam can actually cause one!

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Some companies may only need to use a courier service occasionally, whereas other companies are booking several couriers every single day. Finding a company that understands your needs and gives you the best and most cost-effective contract will help you manage your budgets and plan ahead.


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