Common Landlord Maintenance Issues

No matter if you’re renting out your first flat or your fiftieth, the one thing on top of every landlord’s mind is maintenance. You want to ensure your tenants are comfortable and happy in the property, but you also don’t want a call every other day and endless maintenance issues. Here are some common maintenance complaints and how you can take preventative steps before niggles turn into full-blown problems:

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can soon make life pretty miserable for those inside your flat. If your tenants have not been homeowners before or are young, they might not understand the implications of drain care and be letting things flow down the plug that they shouldn’t. Perhaps you could consider installing drain screens on the bathroom sink and shower. You could let the tenant know that you will only sort out 2 blocks per year and any further issues must be met at the tenant’s expense. This might focus their minds a little more on drain care. For less hassle all around, why not consider using the services of a Block Management Agency like


This problem can happen to any household but if it happens in your rental property then it’s your responsibility to sort it out. You don’t want to lose your tenant because of mice, rats, wasps, ants or cockroaches. Prevention is definitely better than cure but nipping any potential issues in the bud immediately is also recommended.

Locked Out

When a tenant locks themselves out, you will need to use your key to let them in or pay for a locksmith. This will only become a problem if it persists and you’re regularly being called at in the middle of the night. You might consider setting up a lock-out policy.

Boiler Problems

This can be a costly problem that you might get a call about. Sometimes these could be emergencies if the tenant is left without hot water or heating, especially in winter. Preventative maintenance is again the best course and you should have the boiler serviced at least once a year, as well as the Gas Safety Certificate that landlord’s must supply.

Roof Leaks

These are also costly repairs to have to sort out. Again, preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding expensive repairs. Blocked gutters due to debris build-up mean rainwater cannot drain away properly and could end up pooling on rooftops. Frozen pipes are another issue that can occur during winter, causing quite disastrous leaks if they burst. Ensure pipes are insulated to prevent this from occurring, especially if very cold weather is predicted. Make sure it’s clear who takes on the responsibility for clearing out gutters at least once a year.

If you want to avoid constant maintenance calls, then it’s best to be a pro-active landlord and carry out preventative maintenance where possible.

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