Cocktail essentials for bars or restaurants

Cocktails are enjoying immense popularity at the moment, and there is barely a pub, bar or restaurant in the country that doesn’t have at least a short list of cocktails on offer. Consumer expectations have risen so much in recent years; a couple of splashes of cordial and a handful of ice cubes is no longer enough. Today’s cocktail drinkers expect fresh ingredients and thoughtful presentation. Having the right tools behind your bar makes creating sensational cocktails far easier and helps you avoid having to make do with sub-standard equipment.

Cocktail essentials

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Having the correct accessories saves you time and ensures your customers will be satisfied. You’ll find that reputable catering suppliers have all the equipment you need. Here are some of the basic tools any bar, pub or restaurant serving cocktails should have:

Cocktail shaker

These enable you to expertly blend your ingredients and create a well-mixed cocktail. Use a short, swift shaking motion when mixing most cocktails.

Small grater

This is essential for grating strongly flavoured yet fiddly ingredients, such as nutmeg and fresh ginger. A small, hand-held grater is easy to handle and minimises wastage of expensive ingredients.

Hand-held juicer

This is perfect for instantly releasing the juice of a lime or lemon into your cocktail. If your bar staff are more experienced, it’s possible to squeeze citrus fruit by hand, which can look impressive. For speed and ease, however, simple metal juicers get the job done without mess or fuss.

Measuring cups

Small metal measuring cups are essential unless you have expert staff who can measure by sight. Some cocktails work best with precise measurements, however, so a selection of measuring cups in a variety of sizes will allow you to serve consistently good cocktails.


A good, fine mesh strainer is essential for removing pith or seeds from cocktails. This is especially important when you’re using fresh fruit or freshly squeezed juices. Strain the cocktail through the strainer straight from the cocktail shaker into the glass. This also catches any ice used to chill the cocktail during the mixing process. Suppliers such as 247cateringsupplies have a selection of strainers so you can choose specialised ones for specific purposes or more general all-rounders.

Tongs and scoops

Tongs are essential for picking up ice cubes, while scoops are handy for cocktails containing thick ingredients such as cream or ice cream.

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