Cleaning up contaminated land effectively and safely.

Officially known as Contaminated Land Remediation, the cleaning up of contaminated land effectively and safely needs to be professionally handled by a highly qualified and legally controlled company. The whole process is carefully monitored and incorporates the lengthy process of firstly, assessing the condition of the contaminated site, secondly, completing a thorough clean up operation, and thirdly, restoring the site and carrying out further checks on the land.  Using, authorised biological treatments and bacteria to break down the soil, then chemical oxidation techniques that convert contaminated soil back to being non-hazardous and promoting soil stabilisation by introducing immobilising agents.

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If contaminated land is not dealt with effectively and safely this could result in a real threat to human and animal lives.  Soil that is contaminated cannot be developed on and could undermine official compliance with the Water Environment Regulations of 2017.  Contamination is often connected to land that has been previously used for industrial purposes, but it can still be found in the open countryside because of the inappropriate spreading of sludges.  Contamination can also happen naturally, with potentially hazardous substances like Radon, ground gases, or metallic elements seeping up from the ground.

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The Environment Agency are always on hand to help and support clean up any contaminated land, they work together with the experts to ensure the environment is protected and make it a much better and healthier place for people and wildlife.  By preventing and limiting the release of pollutants and chemicals they also help reduce climate change.


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