Cleaning equipment: five items every business should have

Many companies rely on cleaning contractors to keep their office space clean but that doesn’t mean that your office should be without a few essentials. Dropped items can cause hazards and spills may leave unsightly stains, so making sure your workplace has the necessary tools to deal with these is important. Here are five cleaning items that every business should have.

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Cleaning cloths

Every workspace should have a decent collection of cleaning cloths. Whether you need to wipe down spillages in the kitchen or keep your monitor dust free, cleaning cloths are one of the most essential items to have.

Cleaning sprays

An all-purpose cleaning spray comes in handy for a multitude of mishaps, plus an antibacterial spray helps keep germs away. If you worry about using chemicals in your place of work, think about investing in a plant to purify the air of chemicals.

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A vacuum cleaner

We wouldn’t expect you to vacuum the entire office space if you have a contract cleaner, however, a hoover, especially a handheld one, can be extremely useful for small clean ups and to help make the office look more presentable if visitors are expected. For a more thorough job from a commercial cleaning company Cheltenham has several options, including companies such as

A mop

If your work area has a hard floor then a mop can be extremely useful. Areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, which are prone to spillages, can easily become slipping hazards unless the mess is cleaned up immediately. A mop ensures that you can quickly and easily clean up these hazards and saves the need for soaking up any liquids with multiple paper towels.

A wet floor sign

An item that should go hand in hand with the mop is a wet floor sign. It may seem a little unnecessary at first thought but it ensures that your employees are kept safe. Plus, it also minimises the risk of injury claims should a member of staff injure themselves by slipping on a wet surface. All potential hazards should be pointed out to reduce the risk of staff having an unfortunate accident.

So, even if you do hire a cleaning company, keeping a small collection of cleaning essentials helps keep your business clean and, above all, safe.

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