Cleaning Checklist for your Office

If you’ve decided it’s time to hire a cleaning service for your office premises, then that’s a great step towards improving the health and well-being of your employees and encouraging better productivity. There are some aspects of the cleaning that you’ll want to decide before hiring a company to complete the work for you. You’ll want to work out what needs doing daily, weekly and monthly. Depending on the size of your premises, some of these tasks might need completing more than once a day.

Daily Cleaning Jobs

These are defined as the essential minimums that need doing on a daily basis for the continuing cleanliness and sanitation of the environment for your staff. These are usually undertaken in communal areas such as reception, washrooms and kitchen areas. For professional Gloucester Office Cleaning, visit

These should include:

  • Daily vacuuming of all floors
  • Disinfectant and mopping of hard flooring and tiles
  • Emptying waste bins and adding new bin liners
  • Wipe down of glass areas
  • Mild damp-wipe with disinfectant on hard surfaces
  • Wiping of light switches, door handles and kitchen walls
  • Clean all sinks, toilets and washroom fixtures
  • Refill soap dispensers
  • Wiping down of mirrors and glass
  • Empty waste bins, wash as needed and add new liners
  • Spray disinfectant to be used on all surfaces in washroom

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Weekly Cleaning Jobs

Things that need weekly cleans will require a deeper clean and are usually bigger items that need attention for the continuing health of the workplace. They might include:

  • Polishing and buffing hardwood surfaces including floors and conference room tables
  • Window cleaning inside and out if practical
  • Empty out the refrigerator of all expired employee brought food, wipe clean and disinfect
  • Disinfect all waste receptacles and add new liners

Monthly Cleaning Jobs

These are jobs that are not essential to the daily care of the office environment but should be kept up on a monthly basis for looking good and helping equipment to last longer:

  • Vacuum all fabric chairs and upholstery, cleaning if needed
  • Vacuuming all air vents
  • Dusting any high surfaces that are otherwise overlooked
  • Vacuuming and deep cleaning of all surface areas

By instigating some or all of the above cleaning suggestions, you’ll be helping to create a healthier and happier working environment for your staff and guests. Both customers, clients and employees would much rather spend time in a well-maintained and hygienic atmosphere. Disinfectant wipes and sprays help to reduce the spread of viruses which can move through an office environment very quickly, leading to sick leave and downtime.

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