Choosing the Right Estate Agent

Choosing to sell your property is a big step and a decision you’ve not come to lightly. It’s also not an activity you do every day, so chances are, you don’t know the first thing about how to choose an agency to deal with the sale. Here are some tips to finding an agency who will work for you and sell your property at the best price:

The first step is to choose how you want to sell your property. Will you use a traditional agency, or do you want to deal with an online estate agent? A traditional agency will have a physical office you can visit whereas an online agency won’t. An online agent will usually charge an upfront fee but there may not be any other fees and little or no involvement in the selling of your home.

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Next, you’ll want to make a shortlist of those agencies local to you. You will most likely have received recommendations from friends, colleagues or family members. Most people will have received mail shots through the post, seen adverts or noticed for sale signs in your neighbourhood for local estate agents. Have a look online and see if you can find any customer reviews for homes recently sold in your area. For a highly professional Estate Agents Bath, visit

Spend some time looking at each agent’s website. There could be testimonials and further information about the depth of experience on offer. See how they present their homes for sale, are the photos high quality and appealing? You’ll also want to know if they also advertise homes on other major property portals to widen the market potential.

The next step could involve you visiting their office and getting a feel for how they present themselves and whether you feel they are right for you. Do you feel at ease? Do they come across as knowledgeable and professional? Ask about their knowledge of your area and whether they’ve successfully sold similar properties to yours in the same neighbourhood.

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When an agent visits your property for a valuation, ask them to explain the figure they provide and get them to show you examples of where similar properties have sold for that amount. Invite at least three different agencies to value your home to see if the figure quoted is fairly consistent or one is completely different.

Remember that you need to work together so be sure to furnish them with as much information as possible in order to help them to help you. Be honest with them about your reasons for selling and help them to understand your circumstances. An excellent agent will absorb all these details and work hard to get you get you exactly what you’re seeking.

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