Can you use marble in a bathroom?

Yes! Marble is a great choice for bathrooms as it is good at conducting heat, easy to clean and long-lasting. It also offers a timeless aesthetic that’s very popular. For bathroom renovations on a budget, consider using marble highlights as opposed to using it across the whole room. Here are some top tips:


Marble tiles work well in both small and big bathroom spaces. A tile with good slip resistance is essential in a high moisture room like a bathroom. They can make the room look bright, airy and clean. For a range of Marble Tiles, visit a site like

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Tiles around the shower area are a popular choice with a marble colour that contrasts with the room’s fixtures, such as brass taps, for example. For tighter budgets, consider tiling half the wall from the floor up.


For countertops and sinks, marble is a stunning addition. Easy to wipe clean and stays beautifully cool to the touch with unique characteristics such as veining which you don’t get with other stone choices.


For those on a strict budget, bathroom accessories are the cheapest and simplest way to add marble into your decor. This might include items such as vases, vanity trays, ornaments or toothbrush holders, for example.

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Perhaps add a marble backsplash or create a vanity wall to accentuate marble in smaller areas of your room. This is an ideal option for those who want a touch of luxury without the luxury price tag.

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