Building Success into Web Design 2019

Almost every business is aware of the importance of having a professional online presence, but perhaps fewer of those businesses are clear about exactly what they need from their website. That is why many more London web design houses are now focusing on goal-based web design, where the entire site is built around achieving the client’s business goals.

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The Importance of Web Commerce

According to the BBC, online commerce is rising fast, and most businesses are determined to benefit from that opportunity. Sadly, many company websites are still bogged down in what is coming to be known as Web 1.0, where the website is purely informational or promotional. This sort of website is also often known as ‘brochure ware’ because it simply moved the company brochure online. This approach has some merit, but it has long since been overtaken by the second wave of websites.

The Rise of Web 2.0

The second generation of websites, widely referred to as Web 2.0, concerned the engagement of visitors, allowing them to interact with content and create their own content. Facebook would be a good example of this. Web 2.0 sites greatly enhanced the user experience and created ‘stickier’ experiences, where people would visit more often and for longer. It also enabled the growth of online communities and ratings sites, and the benefits of this type of site, in terms of growing a loyal following, are clear.

Moving on from Web 2.0

While Web 2.0 raised the bar for web design, many web design Cumbria companies are now moving on from Web 2.0 to new business websites that are laser-focused on delivering the goals of the business online. If this is an online retail site, the goal may simply be to sell more goods. This can be achieved by attracting more visitors, increasing the revenue gained from visitors or creating more loyalty in the form of return visitors. Other businesses, however, may have more subtle requirements. There are many web design companies that can keep up with ever- changing customer requirements for what they want in a website. One of these companies that offers these services is

A True Business Website

A start-up business, for example, may not yet be focused on selling a product but may instead be trying to build up an audience in advance of a product launch. In this case, a slightly different approach may be required, and it is then the job of the web designer to build the website around those business goals.

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