Beautiful Repairs: Cheaper Than Replacement

We are becoming more of a disposable society as the cost of goods falls and our free time decreases. Rather than repairing broken items, many of us will simply dispose of them and buy a replacement. This is not only damaging the environment by increasing the amount of waste sent to landfill and resulting in more carbon emissions, but it actually costs more. The majority of items could be repaired easily, and the finished result can be more beautiful than the original.

Beautiful Repairs

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Repair Rather Than Replace

You don’t need to have a large amount of creativity or DIY skills to make simple repairs to household goods. When you consider the overall cost of maintaining and repairing your property and the items inside it, it can definitely pay to try to do some of this yourself.

Research by Halifax into overall household running costs found that we spend over £1,000 a year on maintaining and repairing our properties, including the associated services and goods. This equates to 11% of the yearly household costs.

What Items Can Be Repaired?

The majority of products can be repaired if we really think about it and don’t automatically throw broken goods away. For example, we throw away around 350,000 tonnes of textiles every year, which is worth about £140 million. However, the vast majority of these can be reused in some form, which would significantly reduce the environmental impact and save consumers money.

How to Repair Goods

The art to carrying out beautiful and effective repairs is to have the right type of bonding products to hand, such as those available at For instance, you can make long-lasting repairs to ceramics or glassware using an appropriate adhesive. It’s not possible to completely hide the cracks or chips, but these can add to the beauty of the item.

Even metal objects, such as light fittings or pans, can be repaired rather than having to replace them. Using a metal bonding adhesive, you can carry out an instant repair that is long-lasting and perfect for maintaining goods around the home.

Next time you have broken household items, don’t simply throw them away. Consider whether they can be repaired or reused in another way. You’ll create a unique piece that will add to your interior decor and be environmentally friendly.

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