Assessing security protocols in your store

Security is a critical element for the successful operation of any business, but particularly in the retail sector. Here there are large amounts of goods present on the site and the premises are open to the public. This results in people passing through every day, increasing the level of risk from theft and other criminal activities. It’s important with a retail business to assess the security protocols that you have in your store on a regular basis and see how they can be improved.

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Risk assessment

The first elements of any security assessment should be to analyse the potential risks that there are to your business. This will enable you to see where you need to focus your security measures and where your current systems are lacking.

With a risk assessment, you should look at the areas where customers and visitors enter and exit the store. For instance, do you currently have cameras trained on this area or security guards patrolling and watching those coming in and going out? This is a key area where thefts can be prevented.

It’s also important to focus on areas of the store that contain particularly high value stock, as this is likely to be a potential theft risk. You should ensure that you have robust measures in place for these goods, as preventing a theft here could dramatically lower the cost of crime for your business.

As part of your risk assessment you need to assess the training that is currently in place for your staff. Do they know how to assess risks themselves and what to do if they see any suspicious activity? They are your eyes and ears on the shop floor, so it’s vital that you make the right use of them. You should also look at who has access to keys to various areas of the premise and how often you check these locks to see that they are fully working. You should also ensure that you have the number of Locksafe Dublin Locksmith handy for staff should any issues arise that need immediate attention. Locksmith In Dublin can also help to advise you on whether you are using the appropriate locks for your building and business type.

Implementing new measures

Once you understand the level of risk that you are facing, you can start to look at implementing new security measures to counteract them. Each incident that you prevent can make a difference to your business.

Hiring security guards can be an ideal solution for retail outlets. They provide you with a focussed and professional set of eyes that can be watching constantly for suspicious behaviour. When you have security guards in London stores or outlets across the country, you can make a big difference to the levels of security and, therefore, the cost of crime to your business.

Security shouldn’t just be an area you consider once and then forget about. Regularly looking at the levels of security and how they can be improved can bring enormous rewards to your business.

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