ASO: Another Important TLA for Mobile Optimisers

Thanks to the rise mobile computing, the digital marketing arena has thrown up new challenges for marketers, including the need to focus on app optimisation. Used with more traditional SEO methods, there are some important aspects of app store optimisation to consider when starting out with this area of marketing.


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Keywords Matter

As with traditional SEO, keywords matter in app optimisation. People search for apps – according to research, a large percentage of both Android and iOS users installed their last app as a result of searching, so the words in your app’s title matter. Make sure that your description also includes target keywords, and make it interesting and informative. A good description should focus on grabbing the attention of your audience in the first few sentences while also being clear and concise.

Make It Visual

Both your app’s icon and the screenshots you choose for the previews should be compelling and interesting. Think about appealing to a local market if it’s relevant. For example, a Somerset web design agency can help you to work on visuals that could attract a certain demographic. It’s also important not to make your app’s icon too busy: with millions of apps in the store it can be too easy to get lost among the competition.

Update Regularly

Offering regular updates to the app itself is a good way to ensure customer loyalty, and it builds trust. This organically builds an audience for your app, and users see it as an investment if they know the developer takes the app seriously. As part of this, users may be more compelled to leave reviews for your app, which also drives up its performance in searches.

External Promotion

Mixing in app store optimisation with other digital marketing efforts can improve the chances of your app being seen by a wider audience. If you’re using an external agency such as Taunton web designers Somersetwebservices, consider including a plan for digital marketing as part of your services to ensure a cohesive marketing strategy.

Traditional SEO

Don’t forget the classic forms of marketing and SEO methods – they still matter. Building quality backlinks will help build your app’s performance organically and as part of a wider optimisation strategy can improve your app’s authority.

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