A beginners guide to PDF

Most of us are used to PDF documents, which are a great way to read digital content in a way that has been designed and finalised – without the ability to edit the content on-screen. This type of content is popular with business, academic institutions, bloggers and other online users who want to be able to share content in a way that looks smart and professional and which is naturally readable.

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What does PDF stand for?

You know the acronym, but did you know that PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It was created by Adobe to share and swap documents in a reliable way, where the formatting, text or presentation wouldn’t be corrupted. You don’t need any hardware, software or particular operating system to use PDF and there are PDF to Excel and Word converters available online.

The PDF file is now well known and open-standard. In fact, it is officially recognised by the International Organisation for Standardisation, better known as ISO. PDF documents are flexible and can include buttons and links to external online content, audio and video files, form fields and also business logic.

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Where required, electronic signatures can be added and it’s easy to use the freely available Acrobat Reader software to see your PDF files on either Windows or Mac OS, depending on the device that you use – Authority url: http://www.legalscans.com/whypdf.html.

PDF documents are also preferred by a number of businesses and industries for several key reasons. For example:

– PDFs provide security at the document level.
– PDF content can be converted into tables using third-party software systems online such as https://pdftables.com/convert-pdf-to-excel.
– You don’t have to pay to create, share or view PDFs, as the software used is freeware and available to all.
– PDF file formats significantly compress their content to make files smaller and easier to share. This is handy when you are emailing larger documents and not wanting to use up precious bandwidth. This compression ability is even more important when large images or media files are included, which can make other types of document unwieldy and difficult to use.

It’s easy to send and create PDFs. Just download the free software online and use it to lock down your work, make it secure and reduce the file size for easy sending. Remember to check out the extra services available to maximise its value.

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