5 of the biggest new trends in commercial flooring solutions

Office design is an important part of business branding, so that it creates the right impression for visitors and employees. Getting the right flooring is essential as it needs to be practical and hard-wearing. We have found five of the biggest trends in commercial flooring.

5 of the biggest new trends in commercial flooring solutions

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Versatile Vinyl

Luxury vinyl tiles are creating waves in commercial flooring trends, with more companies opting for this material because it is resilient, easy to maintain and can create eye-catching designs. It can be used in many different ways and is available in different colours, patterns, shapes and even to look like natural stone. Vinyl flooring can emulate many textures, surfaces or looks, and it’s also cheaper than more labour-intensive materials such as ceramic or stone. LVT comes in rolls and tiles for easy laying.

Eco Products

More companies are thinking about sustainability and this is also evident in their choice of floorings. There are many green options which are also resilient. Hardwoods from sustainable sources are available with non-toxic adhesives and finishes. Bamboo flooring is also very stylish, while cork flooring from renewable sources is available as tiles or floating planks.

Rolling Out the Carpet Tiles

Carpets continue to be a popular choice because they are quiet to walk on. However, if part of a carpet is stained or ripped, then the whole floor may need to be replaced. But not if you pick carpet tiles, which are the number one choice in the corporate sector and gaining popularity in the world of education too.

Loving the Laminate Look

Laminate floors remain popular because they are inexpensive, tough and easy to install, because you just need to snap the planks together. You can buy wood laminate or plastic with a woodgrain print. Plastic is cheaper and many people cannot even tell it is not real wood. If you are looking for commercial flooring ideas such as tiles, vinyl, wood or laminate, visit ukflooringdirect.co.uk for more information on materials and costs.

Getting Artistic with Terrazzo

Terrazzo has been around for centuries – in fact some of the earliest terrazzo-type floors laid 10,000 years ago can still be seen in the Middle East. It comes in every colour imaginable and you can choose so many finishes, such as mother of pearl, marble, classic Italian mosaics or a modern monochrome effect.


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