5 big web development trends for 2017

Ready to take your web development forward for 2017? Whether you’re upgrading your website or looking to launch a new e-commerce platform, the world of digital marketing is always evolving. Here are five of the biggest trends making marks in the world of web design and development for this year.

5 big web development trends for 2017

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360-degree videos

There is a real drive towards more immersive, interactive experiences, and 360-degree video will play a big part in achieving this. Today, this feature tends to be focused towards video marketing. However, 360-degree video is growing and providing greater interaction, attention and views. Its benefit is helping users to feel as though they are actually present, with a spherical scene played, where a 360-degree camera captures every angle of an environment and creates a huge array of possibilities.


Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest focal points for the modern technology world. Key advances were made last year and even more is expected this year. Tech greats such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google are all in the midst of creating artificial technology which will be user-led – https://www.ft.com/content/048f418c-2487-11e7-a34a-538b4cb30025.

5 big web development trends for 2017-2

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The Internet of Things has started with computers, tablets and mobile phones, but now it is migrating to home appliances. Switching on lights and pre-warming our homes before we get home and even switching on the oven to cook food. Web developers are likely to focus more heavily on applications that allow devices to communicate with IoT-enabled devices. An agency that specialises in web design in Essex can introduce you to this in greater detail. See more at https://webwax.co.uk/.


The games industry is well ahead with the possibilities of Virtual Reality and web developers are also picking up on ways in which users can be immersed in the sensory experience of a virtual world, to provide ever richer online experiences. Mozilla and Google are both forging ahead with VR APIs which will transition the experience to the web, so expect to see more of this in coming months.

Static websites

Web developers are using static website generators to build websites from plain text. These offer speed, security, traffic handling and easy deployment and are stored as files, rather than requiring databases. It’s an interesting area for developers and one to watch out for over the coming months.

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