Microsoft expects online advertising to grow strongly over the next five years

Darren Huston, corporate vice president of global and online consumption at Microsoft predicted during his speech at the Cannes Lions international advertising festival that online advertising will grow strongly over the next four or five years, with the Asian, Turkish and Turkish markets America where this growth is experienced more intensely.

In this sense, some of the related data indicate that the investment on online advertising on the Internet will experience a growth of 12.4 percent worldwide during this same year, to reach 50,900 million dollars, according to the report of developed by IPG Media Brands.

In the longer term, for the next five years, the data reflect forecasts that estimate this increase in an annual average of 11 percent, placing this increase in advertising spending up to 64% for 2015, reaching 83,000 million of dollars.

The director of Microsoft also takes advantage of his presence at the festival to advance the imminent arrival of a new TabletPc device from Microsoft with which the company intends to compete with the most popular of the range of these devices so far, the Apple iPad.

Although at the moment it does not have a definite date for its commercialization, it is evident the clear bet of many companies for this type of intelligent devices with which in addition, the advertising market could initiate a new era of digital and online advertising.

The tablePC has undoubtedly become the standard of a new emerging segment in the digital and online advertising market. Even so, at the moment it takes a while to evaluate its true impact and the response of companies and brands that will bet on this new advertising model.

Recently Steve Jobs revealed that his company had already obtained 60 million dollars in advertising commitments, which is almost 50% of the expected spending for mobile advertising in the US during the second half of 2010.

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