YouTube vs Television: What are the advantages of marketing and advertising in online videos?

There is no doubt that an image is worth a thousand words, as they say, in part, because of the ability of the image to be remembered, not only in the mind of the viewer, but also because of the impression it provokes.

For this reason, a brand that wants to promote a product does, whenever it can, an advertising campaign based on spots, on promotional videos, to try to reach its target audience in a much more effective way.

But at a time when social networks have violently broken into our lives and have changed all the paradigms that existed until today, at a time when the consumer is no longer content to see what brands want to see on television and is in control, the brands are very aware that the strategy must change.

On the other hand, YouTube is one of the most visited social platforms by Internet users and it can display content in a more personalized way, so, the idea of ​​brands should be routed in this direction. Every day more than two hundred million Internet users use this social network. And brands are aware of this.

This is why companies find in advertising on YouTube a vein to exploit and a great way to reach their potential customers, generating much more confidence in them than through television.

Generally, when we are watching a program and doing advertising breaks, we take advantage to do anything else, without paying attention to the publicity, but, if we are watching a video that we have chosen, we see why we are interested and we are shown an advertisement related to the thematic of the video that we are seeing, it will be much easier for us to click on it, since it is a personalized advertisement according to our interests, not distributed indiscriminately on television or in another mass media.

There are several advantages for brands when it comes to including advertising in videos. To start, creating a television spot and broadcasting it in prime time, for example, supposes a very high cost, while including advertising in YouTube videos is a payment per impression or per click, being much cheaper than the campaign that can be developed. in TV.

Inserting advertising in video channels also means the possibility of greater visibility of our brand, without being limited to a specific geographical space, we can be seen worldwide, in addition to giving us the advantage that the users we are targeting , we can have the certainty that they will be interested, since they already interact with those contents.

But not only that, generating video content and disseminated through these platforms can sometimes fulminate all the records of other media. Many commercials achieved success on the internet that they never achieved through television. Even many of the releases of new spots are made simultaneously in both channels and media.

Note that television advertising campaigns are governed by a strategic calendar that determines the start and end of the campaign. On the Internet, none of this is a limitation and many of the videos and commercials continue to receive visits and generate impacts in an unlimited way over time. But also, that they can be shared, continues adding to the list of advantages that online videos and platforms like YouTube offer compared to current television.

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