What division of Email Marketing do you play?

Most of us have heard the expression “practice makes perfect. This has been demonstrated in thousands of studies on the effect of the learning curve and cumulative experience curve in different areas of life. Basically comes to conclude that the one who knows the most about a topic, the more possibilities it has to make a difference compared to others. That difference, in business, is key … especially in the times we go through.

The biggest trap to move forward in this process is to believe that we know “enough,” or “a lot,” or “pretty,” or the most lethal, “all.”

What division of Email Marketing do you playWhen you’re a kid and you start playing football, you think it’s about making goals and that’s how the games are won; So you try to dial. So you think you know the subject.

Then, you can join a team of kids or kids, and with the help of a coach you learn that there are certain plays, techniques, keys, and certain tricks that will teach you other aspects about this sport that you did not know; Is another dimension. Then you think that now you “control” …

Until you see to play to Barça, who knows that what matters is to dominate the opponent through possession of the ball, and that not only wins matches but leagues and championships. Between that point and any of the above there is some distance, and getting there unassistedly costs.

But as another saying goes: “There is no distance that can not be crossed nor goal that can not be reached”. Of course for this you have to know first where you are, and how far you need to change division. In what division of Email Marketing do you play?

Take the Test and find out where you are on the learning curve! 

Then you have 10 questions about day to day in Email Marketing (point out how many answers you know and then verify at the end with which point the curve corresponds).

  • How many characters are read in the Subject from a mail manager? PC vs Mobile
  • How many characters does the “FROM” field support?
  • What is the maximum speed of shipments that IPS filters support?
  • What is the average spam rate that puts the IP on blacklists?
  • What proportion of text and image should an e-mail be saved to ensure delivery?
  • What is the best practice for checking email from new subscribers?
  • How many minimum calls to action do you have to include in your emails?
  • What are the most responsive accelerators?
  • How much is the optimal file size of an email for a mobile device?
  • What is the RFM or RFT model?

PRO : If you know the answers of 8 or more questions, you are in the league of professionals and surely you or your company enjoy the associated benefits of it.

ADVANCED : If you know the answers of between 4 and 7 questions, then you take some time in the subject, but still you need to make the leap that allows you to change division.

ENTHUSIAST : If you know less than 4 answers, you have more travel ahead, but do not be discouraged because you know what is missing, and just think of the plan to guide you there.

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