The Importance of Aligning SEO and UX

The SEO landscape has changed significantly with the move towards mobile-friendliness and local SEO, and one of the most important parts of that change is the idea that sites must do more than just provide the information that the user is looking for. They should offer a good end-user experience at the same time.

Aligning SEO and UX

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Most webmasters now understand the importance of using local SEO to their advantage. Getting a Cheltenham web design company to design and market your website makes sense if that’s where most of your visitors will be coming from, but there is more than just local keywords and directory management to look at.

Good UX Will Make or Break Your Website

UX encompasses many things, from how the website looks to how quickly it loads and how easy it is to navigate. There’s a reason that people head to eBay or Amazon to make their purchases, even though they might not always be the cheapest places. Those websites are easy to use, and they make finding interesting products and paying for them a breeze. Things such as one-click ordering are essential for reducing the friction for repeat customers.

Know Your Users

As a part of your UX development, you should get to know your users and how they engage with your website. When you get a website developed by a Cheltenham web design company such as, they will give you the opportunity to link the website to Google Analytics, so you can see where people are leaving your website and the path they take through it.

This will highlight things like people who navigate through page after page, unable to find what they want, or people who keep clicking back and looking for other pages rather than using a link that you thought was obvious.

UX involves making your interface friendly for any device and screen size, making clickable elements obvious and making search features that work properly. It involves giving your visitors what they want in the most user-friendly way. Google measures the user experience in terms of bounce rate, time on site and repeat visits. If you are frustrating or confusing your users, then this will be noticed because you will have a high bounce rate, and this will negatively impact your rankings in the search results.

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