The 10 Sins of Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a truly powerful technique. Despite the continuing impact on the rise of media and social networks, e-mail is still very much alive. However, its full potential can not be at all if in our strategy we do not contemplate some of the most habitual errors. Capital sins that must be avoided at all costs to achieve the goals set without falling into the most common mistakes.

The 10 Sins of Email Marketing1. Send a campaign from our company’s mail server

If we decide to send a campaign from the company’s own mail server, it is very probable that given the volume of receivers to which it will be directed, we end up appearing sooner rather than later in the spam lists from our customers. Your servers will begin cataloging the address of our server as that of a spammer, that of a company that sends spam.

2. Do not properly segment the database.

It is convenient to make as many divisions of the database as we impose the logic or depending on the data that we have in our power: sex, age, purchasing power, … Divide and conquer.

3. Too complex design

It is convenient to make a clean and simple design, with visible links that attract attention and bring our subscribers to the offer or landing page.

Call to action is a fundamental part of email marketing, since it will allow us to take the receiver to where we really want and we can follow the steps by tracking the cookies.

4. Emails that are entirely an image

That all the email is an image that links to a web is a habitual error. These types of campaigns have the following drawbacks:

  • Possibility of being considered Spam by the main ISPs (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail)
  • Most ISPs do not download images automatically, so subscribers find themselves with a blank email so they will erase it and even mark us as spam so we will not receive any more communications of this type.

5. Matters that look like Spam

Writing the whole Case in capitals and more if it fits with words like OFFER, DISCOUNTS, FREE, or with multiple exclamations will cause our messages to remain in the spam trays.

6. Dedicate more time to email than to topic.

Writing the matter is a critical point, if we do not pay attention to the matter in order to arouse interest and curiosity, who will open our mail?

7. Include Forms in Email

We should not include forms in the email. Mail servers treat forms as a security risk.

While some servers warn of potential danger, others do not directly validate forms.

8. Submit Advertising Only.

In the case of sending advertising campaigns by email or newsletter we must generate content of value and make the recipient feel special or will inevitably be discharged. A good idea is to include some news about our company or sector and transmit some specific benefit as recognition for being in our database.

9. Frequency of shipments

It is important not to repeat the sending of the same campaign more than once per contact. In the case of being different campaigns or being a newsletter we will have to define a reasonable time between the shipments or burn our database gives.

10. Unsubscribe and Legal Foot

Not including the option to unsubscribe from our database to the recipients of an email marketing action is in addition to an error a breach of the law.

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