Real-time marketing: Ready at the right time

Real-time marketing, or real-time marketing, is a strategy that consists of making attractive messages related to events and / or news that happen at that precise moment to generate a highly viral result and able to reach relevance in Social networks and in the online world.

Real-time marketing has emerged due to the growth of social platforms and the ease of access to the internet from any device. Thanks to these two factors, the first real-time marketing actions have been carried out, most of which have given good results, and others that have crashed against the pavement of the mockery, and even deserved the dismissal of the personnel in charge of the brand.

Real-time marketing Ready at the right timeAll this sounds innovative and so far many brands are betting on implementing this type of digital marketing, but what does it take to perform real-time marketing actions and not die trying?

Always ready

The marketing team has to be always ready, faithful to the style of the scout motto, to detect the necessary circumstances in which a real-time marketing action can be carried out. There are three key points that must be taken into account for any real-time marketing action:


The professionals who make up the marketing team must know the current situation and have a criterion aligned with the culture of the company. In addition, the functions of the department must be clearly defined and delimited, so it will be easy to work for when there is an opportunity to perform real-time marketing actions. Usually, you will always need a social media manager, a copywriter and a graphic designer to produce a fast and quality message.


It is a word that is widely used in journalism but must be used by all marketing professionals. The term conjuncture refers to the events or actions that make up a situation that acquires relevance throughout the day or week, due to its local, national or global significance.

The situation in marketing should be oriented to know the events of the sector, that is, to be aware of the news related to your brand, company and how they are being carried out. There are different ways to monitor activities related to the company, one of them is the analysis of social networks. In them we will find consumers and potential customers who will be talking about the brand.


The criterion is a quality that allows to discern and evaluate the circumstances and activities using a specific approach. In this case the criterion will serve to differentiate between what can be publishable and non-publishable.

Among the characteristics of the “publishable” it is clear that messages should not abuse, transgress or make fun of people. Performing unethical or bad taste actions generates a rejection in social networks and a bad image to the brand.

The precise moment

After being prepared and informed constantly will arise the opportunity to realize real-time marketing. Now it is the turn of the execution phase, for which we need to know the decisive moment in which we must act.

The decisive moment is a word coined by the photographer Henri-Cartier Bresson and consists of capturing the precise image at the ideal moment. According to this photographer, there will never be an opportunity to capture the same image twice. The same thing happens in real-time marketing. An action that is implemented at the wrong time will not have the same impact on social networks. For this reason we need to understand these determining points:


Time is a determining factor for real-time marketing and knowing how to take advantage of it is the key. Arming a real-time marketing action should not take more than 30 minutes because a circumstantial fact can last less than an hour. If you do not act fast any action that is raised will become obsolete.


It is necessary to focus on the platform where the message will be launched. Know which platform interacts best with the brand, the number of users in each platform, know the engagement that can be generated in each of them and predict the behavior that users will guide the final choice.


The message must be configured according to the platform where it will be published and should be attractive and impressive, but at the same time simple and direct. Typically, the ideal message format in real-time marketing is the image, because of its ease of being shared.

Taking these points into account we will be able to combine the formula of real-time marketing: ready at the right time.

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