Only 1 in 4 companies has a mobile marketing strategy

We are in the mobile age, its penetration rate in the United States is 91%, and in Europe it is around 60%. Users turn to their handheld everyday for information, or just to be connected; What makes it an essential channel to reach the consumer, are they taking advantage of it?

EConsultancy indicates that only 1 in 4 companies has a mobile marketing strategy. 45% of the brands only have a traditional website, in their desktop version, while 27% have a mobile site, and 7% have an app. Only 21% take care of its presence for mobile and desktop. In view of the circumstances, they still have many decisions to take to be prepared.

Only 1 in 4 companies has a mobile marketing strategyResponsive design, or mobile version?

The first step is to optimize their content for these devices. Which puts them in the dilemma of designing a new site, in such a way that it serves all screens, using for this the technology responsive; Or make a specific design for each device. In this way, if they already have a corporate portal they could take advantage of its web and create the mobile versions; Although in the long run the ideal is to bet on the responsive design.

And if you have a mobile app, how can you promote it?

Compuware indicates that 85% of mobile users prefer to use apps; However, 2 out of 3 mobile apps out of the 700,000 that appear on the Apple App Store and Google Play have never been downloaded. It’s a really bleak thing. All your efforts in programming and developing a mobile strategy may be in vain if you are not able to promote your app.

The main indicators that lead users to decide to install a mobile application is its popularity, which translates into the ratio of downloads and user assessment. To do this, you must first design a promotional strategy, capable of transmitting its virtues and the advantages of using them, supporting you in social networks as a great channel of dissemination and viralization.

Evolution of mobile advertising

The investment in mobile ads has multiplied by 4 since 2009, and will continue its upward pace. If in 2013 the figure exceeded 2 billion dollars, in 2014 the investment will be more than 3.5 billion dollars. EMarketer expects that in 2016 this investment will reach 12 billion dollars. Larry Page, CEO of Google is especially convinced of the great advantages of mobile marketing, to the point of considering that tablets and smartphones are going to revolutionize the way you do marketing today, do you agree with it?

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