Marketing is vital and important to get out of the crisis

During the seminar “Experiences in marketing and management research” given at the University of Jaén, within the framework of the Master’s Degree in Marketing and Consumer Behavior, different aspects related to the current state of the markets and the importance of the strategies and actions to face the crisis.

The renowned Dr. Wagner A. Kamakura, from Duke University in the United States, expert in market segmentation, database marketing, market research methods and author of more than 100 publications in prestigious international journals, who gave this seminar before multiple professionals he highlighted the importance of marketing and its functions to help the world economy out of the crisis.

In this sense, Kamakura said that “all those consumers with income and employment should be encouraged to invest at this time because these people are now afraid to invest due to the uncertainty of the moment, thus causing the so-called” paradox effect ” of savings “.

Kamakura also stressed the need to create innovative products to provoke the emergence of stimuli and generate greater confidence among a population psychologically affected by the economic crisis.

Referring to the specific case of our country, Kamakura added that “the indicator of unemployment to talk about crisis is outdated, the country will emerge from the crisis thanks to consumers, who can be inside or outside the country.”

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