If you think about mobile think about marketing, forget about advertising

Although they may seem similar, marketing and advertising, despite being compatible or complementary to each other, are two different concepts of each other. While advertising refers to the actual advertisement, promotion or message that is carried out through a campaign, marketing encompasses all aspects related to the strategy itself.

If you think about mobile think about marketing, forget about advertisingThis type of confusion can sometimes lead to important nuances and connotations. Especially in emerging and booming markets such as marketing and mobile advertising.

The proliferation of technologies and mobile devices has meant that companies now have new channels and tools to reach and connect with consumers, and with it, the possibilities and alternatives to develop all kinds of actions and strategies.

However, before this differentiation of concepts, we find that while users of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets consider mobile advertising as intrusive and annoying and that their ads are often ignored or that 40% of clicks on ads are accidental or fraudulent, users themselves are much more receptive to interacting with companies and brands through the proposals offered by different marketing strategies.

That is why clarifying these concepts, companies can find in these connotations the way to understand that if we “think of mobile”, we do it thinking about marketing and less on advertising that may be the easiest but the least recommended and effective way to achieve our goal.

Communication with the client can not be reduced to the actions of commercial advertising, but it is important to have a good marketing strategy that contains effective applications, that capture the attention of the audience and get their interaction. Let’s not forget that advertising is a part of marketing, and it has many other aces up its sleeve, such as the following:

Mobile apps.According to the latest report published by Vibes, 17% of shoppers who visit a physical store use mobile apps to compare prices and learn more about the product. They can be an important impetus to close the sale.

SEO Optimization. Customers are actively seeking information over the internet, using their mobile devices; In fact, 80% of consumers are going shopping with their mobile. For this reason, it is necessary to invest in search engine optimization, also for mobile, in order for us to find our target audience.

Mobile Usability:Our website must be adapted to the pocket screens, taking care of the navigability, usability and speed of loading, providing a positive experience to the user, where he can easily find what he is looking for and facilitate the acquisition process.

Geolocation. By Keynote Competitive Research, 88% of smartphone users use it to search for information and content in their closest environment. Users search and compare prices even while inside the store, to make sure they choose the best option. Is your company among them?

Bidi codes.Its success is indisputable today, specifically in Spain have experienced an increase of 218% in the last 12 months, Scanlife informed us. These codes also provide a perfect support to provide useful and quality information to users.

Exclusive promotions. The users, armed with their smartphone, launch themselves to the hunting and capture of promotions, discount bonuses and all kinds of offers and stimuli cal to action. 48% of users also recognize that the information obtained through their smartphone reinforces their purchase decision, serves as a positive stimulus and makes you feel more satisfied with your purchase.

Strategy in social networks.A third of the customers are looking for comments and recommendations about the product they intend to buy, forcing companies to take good care of their online reputation, as well as to take actions that encourage them to share their positive experiences with the brand. All this, linked to a good content marketing, will have a greater impact on the consumer.

What is your mobile strategy? Do you do marketing or just advertise?

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